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Welcome to OPTECS


Welcome to OPTECS


Since the company's establishment in 1989G, providing information technology services to libraries in educational , research and commercial establishment has been the prime interest of the company. Since more than 14 years, the company pioneered the development of computer networks for libraries by enabling access to information supplied on CDROMs by the deployment of CDROM servers; and the expansion of users access by enabling remote access through modems by the deployment of communication servers. This was complemented by providing the subscriptions to CDROM based databases.

With the availability of the Internet, OPTECS started providing subscription to bibliographical & full-text data through the internet as an increasingly more popular alternative to CDROMs and participated in the development of the internet access infrastructure for ISPs and many clients including complete turn-key design , implementation and operation and maintenance for more than two years of Internet Access network and other infrastructure development services.

Company services include Archiving solutions and library automation in addition to general networking design, development and implementation and specially Data Storage and Management solutions.



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